We are open during lockdown.  We have been deemed essential and continue to provide care.  Please read below!

⦁ Please wait outside or in your car until you’ve been signaled in.
⦁ No guests permitted to wait in the waiting room during your appointment.
⦁ Masks are mandatory at all times – please wear one
⦁ Use hand sanitizer upon entering
⦁ Maintain social distance at all time.
⦁ Keep the sneeze guard between you and reception at ALL times. Do not deviate to the side.
⦁ Washroom use is for emergency use only.
⦁ Only one person in the hallway at one time. Please wait for it to clear.
⦁ Contactless payment is preferred.
⦁ Please do not linger after your appointment.

At 360 Health Group, we are concerned with early intervention and quality care to quickly and safely achieve your desired level of activity.

Treatments consist of one-on-one appointments with a strong emphasis on manual therapy with comprehensive home exercise programs to restore proper joint mechanics and muscle function.

During your first visit our physiotherapists or registered massage therapists will perform an initial assessment which will consist of medical and accident history, followed by a thorough assessment of the region affected. After the assessment, we’ll perform an initial treatment of the area. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive exercise program, complete with diagrams to do at home to get you back to feeling your best.